Fall 2017 Dive Clinics will be led by Coach Jamie Davidson and will take place on Friday evenings. The fall session begins September 15 and continues through December 15 with eleven practices (no clinic October 13, October 20, and November 24). Space is limited.

Beginner B Meet Divers (limited to 8 divers)
Friday 6:15 -7:30 pm
(15-minute dryland warmup, 1 hour in the water)
New to diving. Only does jumps. In the process of learning front dive, back dive, and front and inward dives. This practice is geared towards kids that do not have their dives ready to compete in A meets.

Cost:    $165 members 
   $215 non-members

Intermediate/Advanced A Meet Divers (limited to 10 divers)
Friday 7:15 – 9:00 pm
(15-minute dryland warmup, 1 ½ hours in water)
Has a front dive, a back dive, and their age appropriate optional dives (such as front flip, inward, back flip, front 1 ½ flips, etc.).

NVSL Age groups:

Freshmen 10 and under – Front dive, back dive, Optional dive
Junior 11-12 – Front dive, back dive, two optional dives
Intermediate 13-14 – Front dive, back dive, three optional dives
Senior 15 and up – Front dive, back dive, inward dive, and three optional dives

Optional dives:

Forward Somersault 
Forward 1½ Somersaults 
Forward 2 Somersaults 
Forward 2½ Somersaults 
Back Somersault 
Back 1½ Somersaults 
Reverse Dive 
Reverse Somersault 
Reverse 1½ Somersaults
Inward Dive
Inward Somersault 
Inward 1½ Somersaults
Forward Dive ½ Twist 
Forward Dive 1 Twist 
Forward Somersault ½ Twist
Forward Somersault 1 Twist
Back Dive ½ Twist 
Back Dive 1 Twist 
Back Somersault ½ Twist 
Back Somersault 1 Twist 
Back Somersault 1½ Twists


Araceli Anciola


Jenny Murray


Coach Jamie Davidson